University Programm

The GlassTrend University programme was started by the GlassTrend board in 2015. The reasons for the programme and how it is executed are explained below:


  • On one hand: It is difficult for glass companies to find qualified young graduates with knowledge of glass technology and related areas
  • On the other hand: Fewer universities provide glass technology education these days, and new graduates are often not aware of career opportunities in the glass industry
  • Moreover, the international glass industry is facing great technological challenges, especially related to the energy transition/sustainable production, which require ‘academic brainpower’


  • Encourage academic research on topics which are relevant for industrial glass production and processing
  • Give more publicity to the glass industry and about career opportunities in glass for people in the academic world.
  • Promote and facilitate the creation of academia-industry partnerships for participation in research programmes


  • Regular invitation of speakers from universities on relevant technological topics at GlassTrend seminars
  • Regular organization of joint GlassTrend-ICG (International Commission on Glass) sessions during ICG annual meetings and congresses
  • Involvement of universities in GlassTrend R&D projects
  • Lectures by GlassTrend board members on topical glass technological subjects at selected universities
  • Visits to universities, e.g. during GlassTrend Seminars
  • Organization of internships of university students at GlassTrend member companies