Membership and registration

GlassTrend offers:

  • Glass technology courses for young people entering the glass industry and for more experienced people (as refreshment);
  • Seminars & Expert Meetings on topical subjects;
  • R&D projects, separately funded by participating Glass Trend companies

GlassTrend members

GlassTrend members

Benefits of being GlassTrend member

  • Member companies receive free access (for up to 2 persons per company) to GlassTrend Seminars and discounts on events co-organized with other glass organizations (e.g. ICG, ESG, DGG, ATIV…).
  • Only GlassTrend members can participate in GlassTrend R&D projects.
  • All GlassTrend member companies can benefit from the new GlassTrend-University program
  • More information on all regular activities of GlassTrend, including Seminars (organized twice a year), running R&D projects and the CelSian-NCNG Glass Technology Course can be found on this website
  • GlassTrend member companies get a discount on the registration fee of the CelSian – NCNG Glass Technology Courses (5-Day course on Glass Technology). This open enrollment courses will be offered yearly in USA (Toledo, OH) and Europe (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).
  • Member companies can suggest email addresses of employees who should be informed of the GlassTrend activities to the GlassTrend contact person (

GlassTrend membership: registration and conditions

  • For 2021 the annual fee is EUR 4500,-. After on-line registration you will receive an invoice. Your company is GlassTrend member, after we have received the payment.
  • After 1st time registration, an invoice will be sent in November of each year for the membership fee of the coming year.

Cancellation of GlassTrend membership should be done at least one month prior to the end of the calendar year (Before 20th November of the running year) by sending an e-mail to

Registration form GlassTrend membership 2021

Dear Associate, With this registration form we ask you, as the official GlassTrend representative of your company, to confirm the GlassTrend membership of your company in 2021. ln the case that there has been a change in your contact data (GlassTrend representative, invoice address, ..) and/or you would like to have a company specific PO reference** on your invoice, please provide us with the following information.
If your organisation requires a Purchase Order number on the invoice, please send your P.O. by e-mail to
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.