GlassTrend member companies can take part in cost-sharing projects on a voluntarily basis. The results are available only for the participating companies.

Recent projects

GT10. Batch Pelletizing & Pellet Preheating by Glass Furnace Flue Gases (2008-2013)

GT11. Energy Balance Modelling (EBM) of Glass Furnaces (2011-2012)

GT18. Control of batch chemistry and melting technology for amber component glasses (2012-2013)

GT20. Fining and Transparency of Ultra Clear (solar) Glass (2012-2013)

GT23. Prevention & breakdown of foam in industrial furnaces producing borosilicate glasses (2014-2015)

GT24. Regenerator refractories for flue gases with high CO levels (LowNOx) (2014 – 2015)

GT26. Feasibility study on Foam sensor: Mapping of foam characteristics in industrial furnaces (2015 –2018)

GT27. Redox effects on radiative heat transfer in glass melts (2016 – 2018)

GT30. Review study of measuring techniques for residual refractory wall thickness (2017 – 2018)

GT30. Phase 2 Industrial testing of Low Frequency Pulse Ultrasonic technique for refractory

            wall thickness measurements (2018-2019)

GT31. CFD modelling of heat transfer from hydrogen-rich flames (2017-2019)

GT32. Batch heating and melting in cold-top furnaces (2019-2020)

Running&Envisioned projects

GT33. Influence of hydrogen rich combustion on foaming (Running project)

GT35. Innovative decarbonated raw materials (Envisioned project)