About GlassTrend


The GlassTrend organisation is a consortium of worldwide operating industries and institutes working in the field of glass and glass production. The name GlassTrend is an acronym of Glass Technology Research & New Developments and the association aims to co-ordinate research and development activities to improve the competitive strength of glass industries, its suppliers and customers.

Mission Statement

The purpose of GlassTrend is to identify the needs and requirements for improved and innovative production technologies for the whole glass industry in the broadest sense and to define and coordinate research and development activities which fulfil these requirements.


GlassTrend initiates

  • Research and Development projects and
  • Knowledge transfer about glass production to its members.

Glass Trend strives to make basic/fundamental knowledge related to glass science and glass technology accessible for the industries and to derive from this basic knowledge, innovative technologies applicable in industry and to find practical & feasible solutions for production & glass quality problems.


Objectives of GlassTrend

  • Increase of knowledge in glass science & technology by fundamental research;
  • Improvement of the understanding of glass (melt) physics & chemistry and of glass furnaces;
  • Initiation of technological innovation in the glass industry;
  • Development of more (energy) efficient glass production processes;
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint of glass production;
  • Facilitation of information exchange of a technological and scientific nature, in the form of glass technology courses, seminars and workshops & study tours;
  • Encouragement of young scientists and engineers commencing in glass technology.


GlassTrend offers

  • Glass technology courses for young people entering the glass industry and for more experienced people (as refreshment);
  • Seminars & Expert Meetings on topical subjects;
  • R&D projects, separately funded by participating Glass Trend companies.

Main topics of interest : Glass Melting and Furnace Technology, Application & Glass Processing.


Key GlassTrend Data

GlassTrend was founded in the summer of 2001. The membership is currently 46 companies (2016). Amongst these members are the world’s main glass industries, producing domestic glass, container glass, flat glass, speciality glasses, fibre glasses and insulation wool; plus suppliers of raw materials, refractory materials and industrial gases; research and technology groups and glass furnace design/engineering companies. Each member company is represented in the GlassTrend Council.

The annual membership fee is 4000 EURO/year per company (2016).



The GlassTrend organization has a budget of approximately 180 KEuro/year for organizing workshops or seminars such as 2-days topical workshops twice or three times per year. Some seminars or conferences are organized with other established organizations, such as the German Glass Society (DGG), International Commission on Glass, Association of Italian Glass Technologists (ATIV), Glass Manufacturing Industry Council in USA (GMIC).


GlassTrend Council

The GlassTrend member companies are represented in the Council, which meets 2 times a year. The Council determines the focus of subjects, activities and events, such as the annual agenda of seminars, conferences, courses and selection of R&D projects. The GlassTrend Council members are asked to complete questionnaires each 3 years to investigate the needs for R&D and topics for seminars and education.

GlassTrend Boards

The Council Meetings are prepared by two boards: the General Managing Board and the Advisory Board.


Managing board

General Managing Board

Tasks: proposal of annual program of events, determining the annual membership fee, prepare new activities of Glass Trend, establishing up-to-date constitution rules.


Advisory Board

Tasks: Develop & determine the program of seminars, selection & reviewing papers, new subjects for R&D, study tours, organizing inquiries.

General Managing Board

AnneJans Faber - Chair of GlassTrend
CelSian Glass & Solar
Simon Cook
Rio Tinto
Günter Lubitz
Hildegard Roemer
Schott AG

Advisory Board

Sven Kahl
Ardagh Glass
Sebastien Donze
Arc International
Rene Meuleman
Bruno Purnode
Owens Corning
Hande Sesigür
Oscar Verheijen
CelSian Glass & Solar